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and learn more about synthetic biology, trends in biotech and healthcare, studying abroad, as well as about my thoughts on making Slovakia a modern country.

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Tyzden pod Lampou Miroslav Gasparek

Watch: Why do we live abroad and when are we coming back

Napoj ktory Ta rychlo zbavi opice tu mame o par mesiacov, vravi bioinzinier Miroslav Gasparek

Watch: A drink that makes you sober will be soon available

Miroslav Gasparek synthetic biology

Watch: Miroslav Gasparek on Synthetic Biology

Innovations Miroslav Gasparek Stefan Kassay

Watch: Discussion about innovations with Stefan Kassay

I write a weekly op-ed for a Slovak weekly .tyzden, which is the only biotech and life science-focused column in Slovak media.

Deeptech of Miroslav Gasparek pharma companies in the metaverse

A discussion in the “Under the lamp” show hosted by Stefan Hrib took place at St Edmund Hall at the University of Oxford in November 2021. Together with Professor Peter Zajac, we discussed the journey that Slovakia and especially has gone through since the fall of communism in 1989 and the challenges it faces.

Oxford Miroslav Gasparek Stefan Hrib Discussion

About research internships in the United States, why we should encourage bold thinking, and why failure should not be universally condemned.

Miroslav Gasparek Zero to Hero about failure

DPhil student Miroslav Gasparek has been admitted onto the Newton Venture Program, an investor training program that aims to make investing in early-stage ventures more accessible and “to train the tech investors of the future to back the companies of tomorrow”, says Miroslav.

Miroslav Gasparek Newton Venture Program